What materials can I put in the regular bin? Construction material, yard waste, household garbage, appliances, furniture and more… just ask.

How full can I load the bin? The bins have a ‘fill to’ line.

How soon can I get a bin? Usually same day.

How long can I keep the bin? There is a daily rental fee and there is no time limit.

Can the bin go on the street or does it have to be on my property? Municipal laws in your area would dictate that.

Do I have to be home when the bin is delivered? No.

Will the bin damage my driveway? If there is a chance of that, we will put wood under the bin to protect your driveway.

How do I know what size of bin to order? Our friendly dispatcher can help you decide which size is appropriate for your project.

Are there different types of bins? No, all of the bins work for all types of waste. You just choose the size.

How often could you empty/replace a commercial job site bin? This would depend on the distance to the landfill from your location, but it could be several times a day.

Can I get more than one bin at a time? Absolutely – we have some projects with many bins on site.

Are your drivers covered by WCB? Yes.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes.

What is your service area? North, Central, South Okanagan, Kamloops, Nelson, Princeton, Kootenay, Boundary and surrounding areas.

How do I book a bin? Call 1-877-797-7766 and choose option #1 or #2. 24 hour Message Center.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 1-877-797-7766.